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  • Halal Guarantee

    Sparkling Halal Grape beverage

    A luxury alcohol free drink for those very special occasions and banquets. Made from selected gently pressed moscato grapes.
  • Halal Guarantee

    Aishal Premium

    Using the highest quality Moscatel grapes from our own vineyards and after numerous trials and tastings have been undertaken to blend the perfect profile of a premium grape sparkling drink.
  • Halal Guarantee

    Legero 0,0 White & Rose

    A fine and aromatic White or Rose sparkling grape beverage made from a blend of Mediterranean grapes and Halal Certified.
  • Nubiola White

    Alcohol free blended white with sprin flower petal aromas and soft sweetness.
  • Sparkling Alcohol Free Grape beverage

    Alcohol free delightful sparkling grape drink. Made entirely from locally grown moscato grapes with rose and red fruits aroma.
  • Must White & Rose

    A 100% natural grape juice, with a touch of sparkle. Sweet and refreshing.
  • Halal Guarantee

    Legero 0,0 still Red & White

    A refreshing and balanced dealcoholized beverage. The taste of tradition without alcohol. Halal Certified.
  • Halal Guarantee

    Aishal white & red

    A unique totally dealcoholized drink made from selected gently pressed moscato grapes.
  • Legero Red, Rose & White

    A complete selection of alcohol free grape beverages for all types of food.